Who is Hisham Sarwar? Here is all you need to know

Freelancing is no doubt the only way to be your own boss in short span of time but it’s not that easy. In many countries freelancing is one of the top and easiest way to earn money. Some countries has listed it as a primary job. There are thousands of examples around the world, who become successful by doing freelancing on different online portals. Many Pakistanis are also included in that list, but one Pakistani who pulled the focus of the whole world is Hisham Sarwar.

Hisham Sarwar is a Pakistani Graphics Designer or should I say top freelance graphics designer. He was an employee of USA based company and used to work from 9 to 5. According to him he was not satisfied with his job and bored of being treated like a slave. He wanted to do something that makes him happy and gives him comfort, something that does not feel tire full. So, he quit his job and started looking for his passion. In 2007 he found that he is a very good graphics designer so he started polishing his skills in that field. After getting grip in his passion he started selling his services online on different platforms which we called freelancing.

As a creative and passionate graphics designer, Hisham offered his services to different platforms. Guru and freelancer is two of them on which he spent most of his time. He was also featured on the top ten freelancers of Guru. The website also displayed Hisham’s portfolio on their home page for a long time. According to his own statements, he successfully earned $1 million by just doing freelancing. He also stated that he would never be so successful by doing a 9 to 5 job working under someone else’s instructions.

Now Hisham Sarwar is still in freelancing but has expanded his service. He has more than 20 people working under him as employees. He provides services of graphics design, web development and mobile application development. He is also the owner and founder of beingguru.com which is blog about freelancing. The basic purpose of this blog is to share information about freelancing with other people. Hisham has also successfully launched his own freelancing website with the name of workchest.com. The basic purpose of doing this is to provide a good and easy platform to Pakistani freelancers and clients from all over the world. The website is still in testing phase but it will soon be operational as regular made in Pakistan freelance marketplace.

Hisham is not only doing business in above mentioned areas but also teaching thousands of people. He is working as an instructor for digiskills.pk which is a skill teaching online platform started by Ministry of Information Technology and Virtual University. He teaches his freelancing skills on that platform for free without any kind of charges. He also have a YouTube channel where he teaches some other skills like communication skills and digital marketing etc. Sarwar also entertain queries of his students through his Facebook page and YouTube channel. There are hundreds of freelancers in Pakistan who has learnt their skills from this man. He is a real contributor in developing a successful nation. Young freelancers consider him their inspiration and they follow his footsteps to make Pakistan proud in freelancing. That is the reason Pakistan is among the top freelancing nations.

The story of Hisham Sarwar tells us about commitment, following your passion and achieving your goal without looking back. Freelancing is not a rocket science. You just need to find your passion, improve your skills and sell them on freelance marketplaces. No doubt, it requires a lot of effort, passion, commitment and investment but at the end of the day you become a successful freelancer. It will not only beneficial for you and your family but it will also improve Pakistan’s ranking in the field of freelancing.

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