Think as a Muslim, This concept will change your life for sure

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In this modern era, everything is getting advanced and modern, whether it is our culture or it is our religion. That is why our very own religion which is Islam, also have modernized. The reason is that we are moving away from Islam. We are losing the real meaning of Islam. Even our next generations are not interested in this religion. According to them, it is a religion of extremism. They do not have an interest in the teachings of our religion. They do not want to listen to things about Islam.

Why is that so? Because, as a Muslim, we are not thinking critically. We are entirely failing to teach our children about Islam. We are failing to motivate them to think like a real Muslim. We are not educating them according to the teachings of the Quran. We have forgotten the lessons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There was a time when Muslims used to live their lives according to the teachings of Islam. Nevertheless, now the situation is different.

The purpose of writing this article is to convince Muslims to think like a pure Muslim. As we all know, Muslims around the world are struggling. Muslims lost their real identity and dignity. They forget the teachings of religion and are not thinking as a Muslim but as a non-Muslim. So, I will try to motivate you to think as a Muslim through this article.

Every Muslim in the world is running for money, success and fame. They have to forget about their real purpose. Everybody wants to be productive and accessible. The race to gain power is speeding up day by day. They are blindly following western culture to be successful.

However, the real purpose of life is to plan it for the afterlife. Not a single Muslim is following that purpose. This life is short, and everybody knows that. However, still, nobody is ready to accept this fact. Imagine you are the wealthiest person on this planet, and you suddenly die. What will happen to your wealth? Will you be able to take it with you in the grave? Simply, No. It does not matter either you are poor or rich. If you die, nobody will ask you after the death of how much money you earned.

Factors like happiness, sadness and problems are our illusions. Allah did not create them in our lives. They do not exist in reality. If someone is happy with one million dollars, the other might not be happy. We decide happiness and sadness according to our wishes. Allah has nothing to do with it. We are the ones who make our lives difficult for ourselves. Why can’t we make it easy and comfortable?

According to experts and facts, the average age is 60-70. Let us take the best-case scenario, and you live for 100 years. What will be your achievements in those 100 years? Nothing, because that life does not matter. What matters the most that what you have planned for the next millions of years of afterlife. Life before death is temporary, but the lifer after death is permanent. You will live forever; this life is just a test that you need to pass. You do not know how much time you have to complete this test. Only, Allah knows the time He prescribed for you. When that time is over, you will be dead. After the death, based on your test, your afterlife will be decided. Whether you will go to heaven or hell, you test will decide that.

So, the concept is simple! If you want to pass the test, you need to live your life according to Islam. You need to stop running for money, success and fame. Do not take stupid things seriously. If you are happy or sad, it does not matter. They are temporary, but the afterlife is permanent. The real happiness is in heaven because it is no sadness, no difficulties and no challenges. There is only one thing, “Happiness”.

Nevertheless, it is not easy; there are some rules that you need to follow.  To get in heaven, you have to make a good relationship with Allah. Start your friendship with Allah Almighty. Think as a Muslim and run to fulfil your real purpose of life as a Muslim.

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