4 Shocking Perspectives about COVID-19

This post was last updated on May 16th, 2020 at 09:13 pm

The COVID-19 pandemic is the second biggest outbreak after the 1918 Spanish flu. So far, the virus has affected more than a million population of 170+ countries. According to authentic sources, the COVID-19 has killed more than 50,000 people all around the globe, with Italy and the USA topping the list. There are thousands of theories spreading rapidly on the internet regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When the disease started spreading on this planet, people started making different theories regarding the source of the disease. In today’s writing, you are going to find out about the four most shocking perspectives of COVID-19, which are described below.

Produced by “Illuminati” to alter theory about God:

One of the theories that appeared on the internet and got viral in hours is that the “Illuminati” – a sect that don’t believe on GOD and worship “DAJJAL” create this deadly virus. Purpose of this is to remove the concept of God Almighty from the minds of people and replace it with knowledge about “Dajjal”. One of perception about COVID-19 says that illuminati sect will include some medicine in the “Corona Virus vaccine” in which they’ll try to change the concept of GOD for new generation. 

America Will Sale “Vaccine” such as “Polio” To the Whole World:

When the USA made the Polio vaccine in the 1950s, they started selling it like gold to the world and earned billions of dollars by that in those times. Imagine if the USA successfully make the vaccine of COVID-19 now, they will loot the world like robbers. They can quickly recover their drowned economy from that money.

Recently, reports have appeared on the internet that Germany has successfully made the vaccine. When the USA came to know about that development, Donald J. Trump immediately offered $1 billion to the German Laboratory to sell the vaccine to the USA. However, Germen finance minister refused and said: “This vaccination is not for sale”. This step from the German government stopped the USA for now, but soon the USA will be successful in making the vaccine, and it will drive the whole world.

China created the Virus and Left the World Alone:

Another significant but real theory circulating on the internet is that The People Republic of China is responsible for the virus. China intentionally created the virus to destroy the world’s economy as they are in a trade war with the USA. They also transferred the virus to the USA to increase the economic dependency of the world on China. Many people think that this will divert the interest of many big investors from the USA to China, which is ultimately beneficial for China.

On the other hand, China and some renowned medical and economic experts have rejected this theory. They think China is itself affected by the pandemic, and the Chinese economy is also facing the consequences of this deadly virus. No doubt China is the first country to get COVID-19, but it does not mean that they are responsible for this deadly outbreak. 

God’s Answer in reply to Kashmir, Palestine, and Burma:

Many people in the Muslim world believe that this outbreak is the reply of Allah Almighty in response to what is happening in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Palestine and Syria. If we go through some of the facts and figures from the past, thousands of innocent Muslims died in deadly attacks by the western world armies in Palestine and Syria. Also, in Indian Occupied Kashmir, there is curfew in the valley for the last six months. Locals are forced to stay in their homes; the Indian military has brutally murdered innocent people and. Women are being harassed nod raped by the Indian soldiers, no internet and every political and social leader is under house arrest.

Believe it or not, but this theory has something in it. The reason behind this is that, whenever the world goes through war, and the cruelty of robust increases, such types of outbreaks comes into play, and then everything gets normal. So, it might be an action from God to stop the world from fighting, punish the cruel and save the innocent from their curse. It should also be noted here that, the countries as mentioned earlier are the least affected by the pandemic, so it somehow indicates that God is here. He is punishing the evil very hardly.

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