4 Top Proven Ways to Earn Online Consistent Money

This post was last updated on April 9th, 2020 at 03:30 pm

Who doesn’t like to earn online money, especially in this digital era? The world is rapidly changing in the form of new technologies and innovations. It has brought new opportunities for people to earn from home.

According to an estimate, 3.2 billion people are actively using the internet, and this scenario has changed how the business strategies should work. Now businesses are hiring freelancers to boost their market and increases sales.

There is no shortcut or trick for online earning; rather, it depends on how much skill full, patience, and consistency you have.

If you have a good internet connection and a little bit of knowledge about the topic, then you have complete freedom to grab the online learning opportunities with a good source of income.

There are hundreds and thousands of ways to earn online, but, in this article, I will guide you about the four most important ways to earn at a consistent rate.

  1. Freelancing
  2. Blogging
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. YouTube Channel

Let us know to see the detail i.e., how and what you can earn from each platform:


Now, the first question that arises in mind is What is Freelancing? Well, freelancing is the easiest way of making money by giving any services/skills in exchange for money. So, this platform is preferable for those who are fed up from 9 to 5 jobs.

If you have any skill like creative writing, administration, management, teaching, web or graphic designing, developer, or any other skills which you can utilize, then freelancing platforms are best to generate maximum revenues.

Where can you work for your skills? There are freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. where you can offer your services for an arranged amount.

Few things you should work on are your strong portfolio and useful review profiles to reach potential customers.

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A blog is a platform where a blogger can express his views, thinking or argument on certain kinds of topics. It can be related to any niche i.e., digital marketing, health, traveling or technology, etc. It is recommended to choose the subject of interest as blogging takes time and presenting views on your interested niches can save you from anxiety.

You can start your blogging career from the number of platforms like Blogger or WordPress. You may start with a free wordpress or blogger account or you can buy a domain name from any domain registrar and hosting company website. At the start, you should go for less competitive keywords and provide quality content. Later on, this google indexing and ranking, you can also add high target keywords.

After some time, you can monetize your blog with AdSense for placing ads for earning purposes. Bloggers can also sell their websites at reasonable rates as their blogs always remain an asset for them.

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate marketing, one has to promote the product or service of someone else. If you can sell that service/product, then you will get paid according to the commission agreed by both parties.

It is one of the best ways to make online earning as you don’t need to launch or create your products/services. Instead, you have to drive traffic on it and then receive a commission from those sales.

You can do it by focusing on content marketing as it is the main criteria to market the products and services.

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Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is just similar to blogging. However, the content you made for this platform should be video. You can take any niche like makeup tutorials, playing video games, product reviews, tech skills, lectures, courses, vlogging videos, prank videos, etc.

According to research, people search the video content more as they are easy to watch and understandable rather than reading articles/blogs.

It is easy to start, as you have just had to create a video channel with your niche name. Start making videos, editing, giving a good thumbnail, sound editing, and you are ready to go for monetization once you reached 1000 subscribers.

Final words

There is no shortcut to earning money. You have to show consistency throughout the whole time to grab the best potential customers. Keep learning new skills and communication as these two things play a vital role in generating the right amount of money from online platforms.

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