2 Steps to get Success at your doorstep [ SUCCESS FORMULA]

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“Fail, fail & fail again” is the amazing rule of success. If you fear to fail in goals and tasks, you can’t succeed. Let’s try to fail. Yes! You read it correctly; failure is the key to success. You’ve been reading many quotes like this that failure is necessary for success or something like this but I am going to share an amazing formula here that will be a great way to succeed in any field of life.

But be mindful that modusoperndi (method) is that you’ll gradually learn from the previous mistakes and try not to repeat the same as if you’ll continue repeating the same mistakes, it will take the more time to reach the success.

No matter you are student or teacher, skilled or unskilled, you’ll get success after implementing this amazing formula.

Let’s suppose you want to earn online and you don’t have any idea how to do that? you have fear of wastage of money, fear of people’s reaction or any kind of fear you can imagine.

Here an important quote can also help you that “if you wonder how to do a job, just get started and then wonder how you did it”

Now start implementing success formulae…

2 Tasks to Get Success at your Doorstep

Task # 1: I want to fail 10 times at least

Is it looks like a joke? Maybe… But it is a reality. You have to fail again and again to succeed. So, you should be ready for this. You have to fail to be strong. You have to fail to stay away from fear.

and YES! You have to fail at least 10 times …

Now, When you’re ready to accept failure at least 10 times, its time to set the second goal.

Task # 2: Make a list of 10 small businesses or tasks you can.. in which you may succeed or get failure… no matter…

For example; here is a list


1. selling things through an e-commerce website

2. blogging

3. affiliate marketing

4. local delivery services in your area

5. teaching

6. working on any tech idea

7. buying and selling domain names

8. selling images… Yes! you read it correctly.

9. selling courses

10. guiding/providing consultancy services

Above listed online business ideas are just common that I’ve shared with you people. Human mind is the best idea creator. In fact, almost every human must have unique ideas that he can try to implement but most of us failed to try just because the fear of failure. So, your second task is to become a failure and to try at least 10 ideas and I am sure that this will be your last task and


Summary: If you want to succeed, be ready for failure at least 10 times. Set 10 tasks to do. You’ll got success from one of 10 ideas most probably. Suppose, it is not yours case, no problem, you’ve already ready to succeed as you are ready to failure more. Failure is not the opposite of success. It is synonym!!

At the end of the topic; Following are 2 of my favorite quotes regarding success:

Ruth Gendlen “fear has a large shadow but he himself is small”

Jack Confield “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

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